Practice Practice: Denise Duong

Episode 1.7

Denise Duong is wearing sunglasses, smiling and holding up a glass of wine. She is standing in a room decorated with wallpaper printed with tropical plants.


In this episode

Isa and Dylan interview Denise Duong.

Denise Duong is a Vietnamese American artist from Oklahoma City, OK. Her nomadic spirit has landed her all over the world and her love for adventure and exploration of all things and all that encompass life is what inspires her work. She attended the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago after high school and departed Chicago to pursue the life of a beach bum in Oahu, Hawaii where she excelled in running, Capoeira, and basic surfing, along with creating a vast
collection of drawings. After island life, she came back to the mainland and started her art career with a focus on a narrative approach to her painting and drawings . Her works can be
seen throughout the country on buildings and in galleries with content expanding from political disbelief, the deep love for nature, to the many facets of the complicated web of the human psyche. She currently celebrates life with her artist partner Gabriel Friedman, and their daughters, in Oklahoma City when they aren’t conspiring on a boat, plane, train or automobile elsewhere.


About the Practice Practice podcast

Practice Practice is created by Isa Rodriguez and Dylan Cale Jones. Season One of Practice Practice is funded by a THRIVE Grant from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and the Andy Warhol Foundation.