Practice Practice: Lumen Miramontes

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Episode 1.8

A portrait of artist, Lumen Miramontes. Lumen has green, medium length hair, round glasses and a nose piercing. They are smiling.


In this episode

Isa and Dylan interview ‚Ā†Lumen Miramontes.

Lumen Miramontes is an interdisciplinary teaching artist based out of Norman, Oklahoma. Dubbed an ‘Art Goblin’ by their friends, Lumen primarily works in printmaking but can be found mashing media and up-cycled materials into artworks. They have a degree in political science from Eastern Michigan University, is currently a studio art student at the University of Central Oklahoma, and teaches children’s art at Norman Firehouse Arts Center and Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center. Lumen had given up on becoming a career artist in their first year of undergrad but fell in love with making again during the COVID-19 lockdown while creating protest art. Their current work explores sensory experiences from a neurodivergent perspective.


About the Practice Practice podcast

Practice Practice is created by Isa Rodriguez and Dylan Cale Jones. Season One of Practice Practice is funded by a THRIVE Grant from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and the Andy Warhol Foundation.