What is Practice Practice?

Practice Practice creates resources for artists balancing creative practice and everyday life.

Artists are often taught to prioritize production and commercial success over everything, including relationships, rest, and mental health. This expectation is harmful and unsustainable. We highlight strategies that are grounded in well-being.

Transform your practice by defining creativity for yourself.



Practice Practice: How to Keep Creating is a workbook for creative people (like you!) It is designed to nourish your creativity and help you reconnect to your unique creative practice. We offer practical advice and tackle sticky subjects with care and humor. Learn to change your work habits, find collaborators, avoid burnout, and enjoy creating. Define creativity for yourself and build a practice that fits YOU!

Available in print and accessible PDFs. Visit our store!


Practice Practice is a podcast for creative people (like you!). We explore the balance between art, creativity, and everyday life. How do you make great art, do laundry, make dinner, and pick up your kids from school? How does creativity support your well-being? What does it mean to be a successful artist? Isa Rodriguez and Dylan Cale Jones tackle these questions in candid conversations with curious, creative people. 

Launching April 2024. Transcripts available through this website.


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