Practice Practice: KT Duffy

Episode 1.6

Black and white portrait of KT Duffy. They have a shaved head, a lip piercing, glasses and are wearing a hoodie. The background is out of focus.


In this episode

Isa and Dylan interview KT Duffy. KT Duffy (they/them) is a new media artist, designer/developer, curator, and collaborator from Chicago’s southwest side and is currently an Assistant Professor in Art, Technology, and Culture at the University of Oklahoma. They received their MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art. They live with their partners and dogs between Norman, OK, and Chicago, IL.

Duffy conjures entities into existence via technology and collaboration. As a Neurodivergent-NonBinary person, the normative modalities of learning and making were not designed for them. They glitched and patched through these structures, resulting in visual outputs and curatorial presentations that manifest infinite possibilities. Ones that translate immeasurable connections and examine the impending demise of binary systems.  In addition to their own creative practices, Duffy is a member of several ongoing collaborative endeavors, such as CQDELab, and Mx. Studio.


About the Practice Practice podcast

Practice Practice is created by Isa Rodriguez and Dylan Cale Jones. Season One of Practice Practice is funded by a THRIVE Grant from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and the Andy Warhol Foundation.