Practice Practice: Dylan Cale Jones

Episode 1.2

The artist, Dylan Cale Jones, stands, laughing, in front of a brick wall. In their left hand, they hold a fresh bunch of full, pink peonies. In their right hand they hold an angry cat. The cat hisses and swipes at the photographer.
Dylan Cale Jones, Portrait with Seaweed the Cat. Oklahoma, 2022. Photo by Isa Rodriguez.


In this episode

Isa interviews their co-host, Dylan Cale Jones.

Dylan Cale Jones is a Queer artist and educator based in Oklahoma City. They have exhibited work in Chicago at the Chicago Cultural Center, Andrew Rafacz Gallery, the Mission, and Compound Yellow; and in Dallas, Texas at Galleri Urbane. In 2018 they were an artist in residence at Compound Yellow. They’ve taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Eli Whitney Museum. They teach at University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center Studio School.


About the Practice Practice podcast

Practice Practice is created by Isa Rodriguez and Dylan Cale Jones. Season One of Practice Practice is funded by a THRIVE Grant from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and the Andy Warhol Foundation.