Practice Practice: Maria Do Anderson

Episode 1.3

Portrait of Maria Do Anderson.


In this episode

Isa and Dylan interview ⁠Maria Do Anderson⁠.

Maria Anderson is a Vietnamese-American artist from Muskogee, Oklahoma. She formally began studying art in high school and continued in the BFA program at The University of Miami. Due to traumatic events, she moved back to Oklahoma and stopped creating art. Her life led to professions in anthropology, computer aided drafting and design, and engineering management. After fifteen years of non-practice, Maria returned to her first love. She currently resides in Norman and holds a Certificate in Painting from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


About the Practice Practice podcast

Practice Practice is created by Isa Rodriguez and Dylan Cale Jones. Season One of Practice Practice is funded by a THRIVE Grant from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and the Andy Warhol Foundation.